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Kinetic Homes is truly passionate about our mission of helping our community get home. Our desire to make sure that we serve the community with realtors that look, act, and understand them.

We value visionary thinking and hard work driven by a passion for success. Our goal is to forever change the real estate industry through superior talent, proven systems, and revolutionary technology. We believe that integrity, teamwork, passion, accountability, and a learning mindset are the key tenets of real success.

Kinetic Homes is different by design. Our work is much more than real estate. Our work is your life, your dreams, and building your legacy. We will be the catalyst for change in real estate by revolutionizing the way the industry does business and serves others.




Interview with

City Councilman

Antonio Brown


Darryl McNeil provides you with a real estate experience in Atlanta GA, that exceeds your expectations.

Driven, competitive, and resourceful Realtor with years of experience in market research, real estate, and find that perfect home for you and your family. His attention to detail is all about getting the best opportunities for his clients. Engaging and consistent self-starter with strategic thinking capability, and true business acumen.

Skills Include:
● Thrives in a fast-paced, dynamic environment – result-oriented strategic thinker with a proven track record of strong time management skills, problem-solving capability, and collaborative nature to deliver impact
● Strategic partner – utilizes analytical skills and business strategy for data-driven decision-making
● Relationship management – builds strategic partnerships and provides the best deals for his clients 






Darryl has the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome any challenges you may face.


Darryl will be relentless when accomplishing any goals or needs you may have.


Darryl identifies your long-term aims and interests and creates a plan to achieve them.

Luxurious Kitchen

What Our Clients Say

“Darryl is an incredible realtor, and I'm excited for what he will bring to the LGBTQ community.” 


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Helping Our Community Get Home

844.52.FLOYD (office)

404.713.4360 (direct)

113 S. Perry Street • Suite 206

Lawrenceville, GA 30046

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There’s probably no other place on earth that holds our most cherished memories like home.

Our homes are the places where we not only learn how to live out the tried and true lessons of life, but how to create the very lives we’ve always longed for.


Many years of marketing and corporate experiences would teach me the most invaluable lessons about honesty, caring for others, and excellent service.

I understand the universal need to be a part of a community, to understand the intricate pieces of what it means to connect one person to their dream home. I love to see families and friends create their own kinds of beautiful moments.


I decided to become a Realtor whose life was a reflection of the one I always imagined and who hopes to bring beautiful possibilities to others.

Finding the perfect dwelling for you and your family is more than just about acquiring the right structure in the perfect neighborhood; it is about trusting your gut and remembering your own memories of what it meant to be home. I understand the magnitude of trusting someone to guide you through the process of buying a home. 

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